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Photo lampshades

For lampshades we print your image or ours on Photo Silk then apply a 10 mil translucent laminate to the back of the print. We can optionally apply a gloss protective coating to the print, but many prefer no coating so the shade looks like the fabric it is made from. The cloth print extends above and below the laminate and wraps around the wire rings for a nice finished look. The image on the shade extends all the way from the bottom ring to the top ring. The seam in the back is barely noticeable.

We can make your lampshade any size. The diameter can range from 4 inches to 16 inches and the height can range from 4 to 16 inches. The width of the print for the shade needs to be pi (3.141) times the diameter, or we can assemble together several photos. Individual photos for shades work best when they are in portrait orientation.

A lamp for the shade needs to be purchased separately or replace the shade on a lamp you already have. The lampshade will attach to the top of the harp on your lamp or we can supply a bulb clip and 2-inch extender so a harp is not needed. You could send us a photo of your lamp with the shade removed so we can be sure the shade will fit on your lamp. The height of the harp should be 1.5 inches less than the height of the shade.

Light bulbs

It is important to use a light bulb that has the right brightness, color temperature, and illuminates the shade evenly and not so bright that it washes out the colors. Light bulb info