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Caring for your lamp shade

Light bulb replacement

For even illumination choose a bulb with glass that goes all the way down to the base. More tips on bulbs here.


Dust with a clean dry cotton cloth or clean soft brush. Some of our shades have a protective coating that is water resistant.   If your shade has been coated (it will have a gloss sheen), after dusting, wipe the print surface with a clean damp cotton cloth.  Do not use any soap or cleaning agent.

Care of our previous wood-frame shades


If the four sides of the shade are not the same size or one of the corner boards is not vertical, you can move the corner boards a little with gentle pressure.

New spring-loaded version

Prior to November 2018 shades are tightened in frame by loosening two screws, pulling the horizontal strip, then tightening the screws. The new design after that uses a spring to keep the shade tight.

Tightening original version

Your lamp shade may loosen over time. To tighten, first notice that one of the four corners is adjustable, with a long slot in the two horizontal wood bars. First tighten the top, then the bottom. Loosen the thumb screw on top, pull the slotted bar away from the center, then re-tighten the screw. This operation will be easiest with two people, one to stretch the shade and the other tighten the screw. Repeat with the bottom screw.